Chicago Sargeant Charged for Repeatedly Slapping Detained Teen (Video)

Sargeant Edward Howard Jr. slaps arrested teen repeatedly and receives felony charges.

We showed New York’s finest at their worst yesterday and here we are a day later and we get the same honor in Chicago.  The police have to be reined in from time to time to remind them that they are the law, not above the law.  That example is being made with a Chicago police sargeant who thought he could slap a defenseless teen repeatedly while in custody.

It’s not clear from reports what the teenager did to get arrested, but once he was in custody Sargeant Edward Howard, Jr., 48, made target practice out of the teenager’s face in the parking lot where he was being arrested.  Unbeknownst to Howard, their was a surveillance video for the establishment recording the entire incident. The Chicago police department has appointed Howard to desk duty until they get to the bottom of the incident.

Defense attorneys for Howard say that Howard felt threatened by the teen’s advances to spit on him.  They argued, “I don’t care who you are. If someone’s attempting to spit on you, of course you have a right to defend yourself.”  Howard has been charged with “felony aggravated battery and official misconduct.”

Check out the video of the incident.  Which appears to have the same racial dynamics as New York’s incident.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Chicago Sargeant Charged for Repeatedly Slapping Detained Teen (Video)”

  1. In other words the cop did what his parents should have done before loosing him on the public. And you spelled Sergeant wrong.

  2. The Sergeant is INDEED WRONG..officers are there to PROTECT AND SERVE. NOT TO ESCALATE THE SITUATION. Leave the disciplinary actions for the judge and jury. This officer need to be suspended without pay or maybe even fired. Restitution for the YOUNG BOY and his family. And its a shame that other officers are just standing around. That means that if they are standing around someone is getting slapped..then that means that they can turn their backs on someone getting murdered..keep it real.

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