Chicago Gets New CEO of Public Schools (Video)

Newly appointed Chicago Public Schools CEO, Jean-Claude Brizard

Rahm Emanuel is hitting the ground running as the Mayor-elect of Chicago.  He hails from the mighty position of President Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff and now is using the moves he learned from the President to innovate and revive Chicago’s public school system.  He doesn’t even officially move into the position as Mayor until next month, but he’s making it happen now.

The overhaul happening in Chicago is something that a lot of other school systems are facing in the country as many begin to or have been failing. Mayor Emanuel is setting up an entirely new team of administrators to create a different perspective of learning and management for Chicago’s school system.  He has chosen Mr. Jean-Claude Brizard as his CEO over Chicago Public Schools because he has a proven record of improving schools in the Rochester, Ny., area. Emanuel described him to the Associated Press as an “experienced educator and proven manager.”

Brizard, a native of Haiti, started out as a teacher 25 years ago.  While Rochester schools saw major improvement in the schools’ graduation rate, reading and math scores, Brizard still met with opposition from the school teacher’s unions over his push for more charter schools and merit pay.  Read more here on Brizard.  Check out his acceptance speech.

-J.C. Brooks

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