Farrakhan Tells the World The Aliens Are Coming

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have a foundation in the belief of aliens. They have long preached about those that are coming back to this world to show us the truth and bring back those who have gone on.  They feel that the Master of their religion Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, will be coming back because he is the one who gave the Truth [their religion] to Elijah Muhammad to share with the world.

Now Farrakkan is notifying us that we should embrace the events of the next few days as aliens descend on Earth and return us to our natural way of thinking.  We have never heard him be so adamant about the placement of U.F.O.’s in the world.  He received help from  renowned investigator Jaimie Maussan.  He gave him a translated platform where he could get loose and tell us how the American government has been trying to hide this information from the world.

But now, he is certain that there will be sightings all over the world and they will no longer be able to withhold this truth from us. What do you think?  Do you believe you will see the UFO’s in the sky soon?  Farrakhan is certain that we will see them and some have already been sighted.

-J.C. Brooks

7 thoughts on “Farrakhan Tells the World The Aliens Are Coming”

  1. Umm there are many people talking about the increase of so called ufo sightings.. scientists, news reporters, military personnel, pilots, etc etc.. how could you not see all of the reports? Or maybe you have a laptop with wifi connection beneath the rock you’re living under?? Geez, You guys are in looooove with Farrakhan arent you?? Lol..

  2. The way is narrow, One of only a hand full of messengers left to prepare those with ears to hear what is coming. The truth is some are already here sent to prepare the way for the others and have been. Why is it hard to belive that the World governments have known this for some time. Nothing remains hidden , that is why they allow hollywood to make movies (series) such as V The visitors. Personally I don’t know about you but I am ready for the TRUE EXODUS’. Natural way of thinking ,try telling humans that all material is an illusion. Nothing is what it appears to be. Then watch the real APOCALYPSE. Yes I am ready ARE YOU!!!!

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