We Remember: Gerald A. Lawson

Gerald A. Lawson lead a team to completing the first gaming cartridge.

Those of you that are playing XBox out there or your Nintendo whatever and/or your Wii systems, take time to say goodbye to the one and only Gerald A. Lawson.  Lawson came up with the first cartridge played game and now there are tons of them. So, if you are enjoying your game while you parallel process this article, thank him again.

Lawson died at the age of 70, and is being remembered by Vintage Computing & Gaming.  What’s so wonderful about the success Lawson obtained in his life is that his grandfather, who was a physicist, couldn’ t work any higher position than a postal worker because he was black.  But Lawson was able to realize a dream in technology for their family.  A very important dream that has gone on to be one of the most significant contributions in gaming.

Read here for more on his family.

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