J. Crew Under Fire for Ad with Mother Painting Son’s Toenails

The popular comfort clothes company J. Crew, has given conservatives something to talk about in an ad in their latest catalog.  But even though conservatives were the first to jump up and cry foul when the company’s president and creative director was photographed for the ad painting her son’s toe nails hot pink, doesn’t mean there aren’t others that didn’t think, “Hey! What she doin’ to that baby? That ain’t cute! Get that nail polish off that boy!”

But from J. Crew’s perspective, there’s no harm done. Jenna Lyons is president and creative director for J. Crew.  She obviously made the call on what would be in the catalog.  So she and her son Beckett are photographed for the catalog having some mother son time and she incorporated painting his toe nails hot pink into the fun. So what?  But what she took as a simple day of fun has become a hell storm of controversy with the country split down the middle on the issue.

What do you think?  Is that how you like spending time with your son?  When you’re having fun with him are you inclined to reach for the purses and lipstick?  Check out the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “J. Crew Under Fire for Ad with Mother Painting Son’s Toenails”

  1. Good grief!!! Someone take the boy now before it’s too late!!! PLEAZE!!! What kind of idiot wanna be mother …. Wait. Maybe “Mom” hasn’t come out yet and this is her way of doing it. Poor babee

    ugh!!!! jeez!!!

  2. I think its just fine. Everyone is all about this is for a boy or this is for a girl. How cares you can’t make someone gay your born that way baby so get over it akreadt.

  3. Well isnt this the biggest helping of conservative intolerance I’ve ever seen. Who cares? Why cant people do whatever they want and have the other people who are miserable with their own lives just stay the heck out and mind their own business? Nooo but thats not America, whats this country without someone getting angry about things that dont concern them? Gotta love it!

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