Harvard Admits Blacks and Hispanics?

The Ivy league institutions have been taking some cruicial hits since the recent report of Yale having a “sexually hostile environment” occurred. Maybe that is why they are trying to make good with admitting more Blacks and Hispanics.  The important element of the Yale story is the title IX money the institution receives which is governed by the laws that  protect every student and give them an equal opportunity to attend school.

Well, now you have Harvard jumping back on the scene, like they did in 2006, stating that they are admitting a record number of hispanics and african americans. In 2006, they said they were admitting a record number of students for the class of 2010 and now they have broken that record “with 11.8% of the school’s new students being African-American and another 12.1% Latino.”  In 2006, the numbers were a record 9.8 percent for Latino, up from 8.2 percent the year before.

Read the newsletter from The Harvard Crimson which details the financial aid initiative that Harvard has too.  Everyone has received that e-mail that says if your family is under $60,000, your child could go their for free.   Giving out money never hurt recruitment.  The recent story is here that includes the numbers for African Americans.  Oxford didn’t join the bandwagon.  They only had one black student last year.

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