Michigan Applebee’s Serves 15-Month Old Alcohol with His Kiddie Meal

Dominick Dill-Reese, 15 months old, mistakenly given alcohol at Michigan Applebee's.

That’s right! You read right! Applebee’s made a huge mistake with the mix-up of a baby’s order last week. And it’s still unclear how the mix-up could’ve happened because no one at the table had ordered alcohol.  Whatever the excuse may be, the baby’s mother may find herself with a franchise on her hands.

Dominick Dill-Reese is only 15 months old and has already had his first experience with alcohol.  According to Fox2 Detroit, he was at an Applebee’s in Madison Heights, Mi., a suburb of Detroit, with his mom when he was given a kiddie meal with a lethal beverage for a toddler.  He had a few sips from his cup and he became “sleepy” and disoriented.  His mom, Taylor Dill-Reese, said he put his head down on the table got a little nap, then started saying “hi” and “bye” to the walls. When she went to take a sip out of his cup, she IMMEDIATELY knew there wasn’t any apple juice in his cup.  He was on the Night Train…if you know what we mean.

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