Boy Buys ‘Refrigerator’ Perry’s Super Bowl Ring, Returns It

William "Refrigerator" Perry!

One of football’s beloved treasures was a big ol’ Bear that played for Chicago.  That Chicago Bear was none other than William “Refrigerator” Perry.  He was the most massive thing trodding down the field at 325 lbs. and holdin’.  Regularly sparring with Mike Ditka over his weight, he had a series of good hits that made him famous and kept the legendary rusher, Walter Payton’s job easy.  But now after the heyday has come and gone, the Fridge suffers from Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can cause paralysis and Walter Payton died from cancer over 10 years ago. But one young man is trying to keep the spirit alive.

Cliff Forrest Jr., 10, found the Fridge’s ring at Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant in New York and was going to purchase it as a sports memorabilia collector.  But then he learned of the Fridge’s condition and his purchase ended up being a nice gesture for the former NFL great.   Forrest paid $8,500 for the ring and returned to its rightful owner.  Forrest received two signed jerseys with the note “The Fridge, Thanks!” and five signed football cards.

But, the report also gives interesting information on why the ring may be a phony.  Hopefully, someone will sponsor the boy and dig deep down in their hearts and wallets to give him his money back.  Read the full story here. 

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Boy Buys ‘Refrigerator’ Perry’s Super Bowl Ring, Returns It”

  1. you got a problem with your link to the other article – you have http:// twice. You have to take one out to get to the article.
    I wonder if it really is a fake. Probably, huh? That was still really sweet of the little rich kid 🙂 All jokes aside, it was very kind.

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