Woman Rants Racist Remarks on Jury Questionnaire Gets ‘Indefinite’ Duty

Has anyone ever told you to answer ridiculously on the jury questionnaire to get out of jury duty?  For instance, the questionnaire would say do you have a family member that was convicted of a felony?  Well, answering “yes” or “My family are all Crips and two of them are on Death Row” may just get you the opposite result.  Ask one Asian woman in New York how that worked against her.

An Asian woman from Brooklyn chose to be as contrary as she could possibly be when she answered her jury questionnaire. She was either trying not to get chosen or she was just leaving the store she owns on the corner where she had to bus’ a cap at Lil’ No No for stealing again. But, more than likely…that is not her story. 

According to NY Daily News, Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis told the woman, “This is an outrage, and so are you!”  She obviously got under the judge’s robe with her remarks. Juror No. 799, a 20-something Asian woman was up for jury duty in the death penalty trial of Bonanno crime boss Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano.  When asked on the questionnaire to “name three people she least admired”, she wrote: “African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians.”

The judge asked her why she answered the question that way and the chick says:   “You always hear about them in the news doing something.”  Priceless!   She dug a hole even deeper saying, “Cops are all lazy, claiming that they sound their sirens to bypass traffic jams.”

The rest is history. The judge goes after her Asian relatives after that because Dum-Dum said that she had family members in the Chinese Ghost Shadows gang in the 1980s.  Some were convicted of murder and still in prison.  Why give the judge ammunition because the judge took this opportunity to shoot back at her.  

Needless to say, her career in jury duty started with the judge saying, “She’s coming back [today], Thursday and Friday – and until the future, when I am ready to dismiss her.” Don’t be too hard on her y’all.  It was Vinny Gorgeous’ case! 

Read more on this craziness here, while we giving Judge Garaufis a standing ovation.

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