Lionsgate and Tyler Perry Renew Deal

If you had no idea where your next Tyler Perry movie was going to come from, worry no more.  The movie mogul has struck a new deal with his distributor and all is well.  With all the success Perry has found in his movies how could they refuse.  And black women you may be a big reason why this deal was possible.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lionsgate, based in Santa Monica, Ca.,  has distributed 10 of Perry’s last films including the movie that started their relationship in 2005, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”.   His movies normally gross approximately $54 million.  His highest grossing film was “Madea Goes to Jail” at $90 million.  Black women ran to see “Madea Goes To Jail” and “Why Did I Get Married?”  The studio show those two movies as the highest grossing films amongst black women.

Lionsgate realizes what they have in Perry and has decided to ink another three year deal with the media giant.  This deal does not include his wildly popular network television home television shows, “Meet the Browns” and “House of Payne” which is already in syndication.

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