Michigan Universities Under Conservative Witch Hunt

The GOP seems to have taken a new interest in the nation’s unions after the full scale protest that broke out in Wisconsin that went as far as the people of Wisconsin storming the state house and congressmen fleeing the state to delay voting.  This war sent a serious message to the rest fo the country that their unions were in jeopardy as well.  But now as the nation sits on pins and needles wondering their fate, michigan, a hot spot for unions with the car industry there, is under attack by conservatives that there may be some underground uprising already underway.

“The largest conservative state-level policy think-tank in the nation” out of Midland, Mi., called The Mackinac Center For Public Policy, is investigating Michigan professors by using the Freedom of Information Act to request copies of professor’s e-mails from:  the Labor Studies Center at the University of Michigan, the Douglas A. Fraser Center for Workplace Issues at Wayne State University and Michigan State University, which has a School of Human Resources & Labor Relations.  The requests are for all labor studies faculty at each school that used keywords “Scott Walker,” “Wisconsin,” “Madison” and “Maddow” in their e-mails.

Is this America or turn of the century Germany?  There’s a real war brewing and the conservatives are funding it.  They are trying their best to push their agenda, policies, and/or beliefs before President Obama sets back out on the re-election trail.  As Darrell Dawsey of MLive.com explains it, no matter if they have been actively speaking on the anti-union conservatives, speak your truth NO MATTER WHAT!  Read Dawsey’s take on the matter here.

-J.C. Brooks

-J.C. Brooks

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