NYC Slum Lords Blasted by Craigslist

If you’ve rented a place in New York City and the roaches were out of control, the bed bugs were the only ones to sleep in your bed, the mice ate your lunch and/or a shower was virtually impossible due to the brown water and you had to move out because the landlord wouldn’t fix anything, your day of retribution is here.

According to the New York Times, if you’re looking for an apartment in New York City you can go to Craigslist and click a new link there in the apartment search section labelled “NYC’s Worst Landlords Watchlist.”  This cuts out all the headache of looking for the perfect place to stay.  But, the city’s public advocate (the official that is responsible for monitoring and reviewing city agencies, and is next in line to succeed the mayor in the event he’s unable to serve), Bill de Blasio, is looking to do a little more than that.

The purpose for getting the link on Craigslist is to make the 320 landlords of more than 400 buildings more accountable for their properties.  The landlords that appear on the list have already been cited for repeated housing code violations.  This initiative launched by de Blasio will also keep the landlords from being eligible for subsidies and/or vouchers from future tenants.

It’s about time someone in city government stood up for the people and kicked some landlord ass.  I know firsthand how it feels to be held hostage in a crappy apartment where the damn maintenance man’s crack head son breaks into your apartment and takes your stuff and prior to that a rat moves in like he’s paying half the rent and an old man is knocking on his ceiling telling me … mee…to shut up while I chase the rat and…oops! I digress!  Just read the rest of the article here. GET ‘EM DE BLASIO!

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