Doctor Demands Sex from Stripper with Rifle (Video)

Dr. Mehul Jitendra Shah, of the Dulles Foot and Ankle Institute on the business website.

A great old saying is, “You can’t pay for good neighbors.”  You can live anywhere, pay an insane amount of money for your house, but someone ignant and disrespectful can pop up right next door.  Some folks in the Leesburg, Va. area are feeling cheated right now because of the action going down in their community.  They are probably wondering if they have sex slaves in their community now after a doctor went berserk on a stripper…at his house.

According to MSNBC, Dr. Mehul Jitendra Shah, of the Dulles Foot and Ankle Institute, ordered a stripper to his home.  Obviously, he was feeling  a little festive.  But once he had been drinking and letting her perform a bit, he asked her to perform a sex act.  When she refused, he went straight Charlie Sheen on her and pulled out a shotgun.  The crazier part of the story is that she had a bodyguard with her, but a neighbor ended up subduing the fool. 

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