Yale Investigated Over ‘Sexually Hostile Environment’ (Video)

Ivy league schools have long been the focal point of the nation’s parents for their child to reach the pinnacle of educational excellence.  But, it appears that the glowing reputation of at least one of its institutions is being tarnished by serious allegations of sexual misconduct at the university.

Yale University is being exposed by angry students and alum that have been complaining via the school’s grievance process of the sexual misconduct by its professors and students alike.  But, a major cover-up akin to the priests in the Catholic church scandal is slowly unfolding at the university. 

It appears that Yale’s internal grievance process has not worked for anyone and recourse had to be reached in a more aggressive fashion…the feds!  According to the Associated Press, federal civil rights officials are investigating the complaints of Yale University students that were not addressed by the school.  Students feel that a “sexually hostile environment” has been cultivated by the school’s lack of redress.  Those perpetrating the crimes of sexual harassment, including rape, have been given a pass, so they have been as bold as student fraternity members walking under the girl’s dorm with signs saying, “We love Yale sluts!”

The criminal aspect of the investigation is one thing, but the loss of federal funds because of the crimes is the result that would rattle the university to the core.  The school receives Title IX funds that require the university to handle sexual harrassment charges with extreme prejudice and it looks like Yale will be in jeopardy of losing half a billion dollars in funding.  Monday, the Office of Civil Rights sent a “Dear Colleague” letter  to universities across the nation reminding them of their responsibilities as it pertains to the funds.  It may have been spearheaded by this mess Yale seems to have created.

Check out Yale alum, Naomi Wolf, who has gone as far as to write a book about her problems at Yale with sexual harassment. She gives a lot of information on what has been going on at the university and applauds those men and women who have come forth.  Bush and his Dad are alum, so no matter what is going on, they may pull some strings to keep the university in the black…right?

-J.C. Brooks

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