Gospel Singer Comes Out and Battles Food Addiction with Oprah

Dejuaii Pace, 45, will participate in Oprah's new show "Addicted to Food."

Oprah is starting a new show on the OWN network called “Addicted to Food” tomorrow, April 5.  This show  follows the progress of eight individuals  who want to break their eating disorders.  One of the contestants happens to be a gospel singer who is battling a little more than her food addiction by way of overeating.  She’s getting to the bottom of why she’s been overeating…her admission of being attracted to women.

Dejuaii Pace, 45, sat down and talked to the Root about her being  a christian, being a virgin and not being able to come out for fear of the repercussions of her christian community.  She is a member of the Anointed Pace Sisters and her father is the pastor of a Pentacostal/Holiness church.  She’s a member of his church and has always felt that her attraction was forbidden.  She told the Root that she has not been in a physically intimate relationship with a man or a woman, but knows she’s attracted to women.

“No, I have not. I am a real-deal, true virgin. Because my mother and my dad had brought us up [to believe] that the greatest gift that I could give to my husband, my soul mate, is to give to them myself that has not been tainted with anybody else or anything else. And I value that highly. And by the grace of God, [the Lord] has helped me and kept me.”

Well, this will be interesting to see.  If she hasn’t had any involvement at all, maybe they’ll first have her experiment with some heterosexual dating to see if she truly is committed to being gay.  Then her father won’t be mad at her and she won’t be shunned by those in her religion.  Yeah right! It’s not a light switch you can cut off and on.  Maybe her family will have to embrace her and help her break her eating habit by first letting her be openly gay.

She mentions in her interview that the christian community will have to deal with the homosexuals differently, by giving a new message:

“I want my soul mate. However God brings that about is fine with me. I know that God loves me, and he has created me, and this thing is here. I feel that it is part of my destiny to find out what is really going on. Because I cannot say it’s against God, and I cannot say God is for it. All I’m saying now is that we cannot tell people what we’ve been telling them. I have friends who’ve stopped going to church because of that.”

Read more about her exploration here.  Her words may help someone grappling with the very same thing.

-J.C. Brooks

12 thoughts on “Gospel Singer Comes Out and Battles Food Addiction with Oprah”

  1. how can you say that you don’t know if God is for it or against it. You know what the word of God says and so does your friends. God says that He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. You know what he says. He says He changes not. Maybe if you had talked to your parents, you could have been had your deliverence. God didn’t make you that way, and neither was you born that way. That thing that you are dealing with is an unclean spirit sent straight from the pit of hell. Instead of comming out to your church, you have the nerve to come out to Oprah of all people. Come on the blind leading the blind. yes even with all her billions, she’s still on her way to hell.

  2. The concept of the “homosexual believer” has been a problem for the Christian community for many years. The church should open its doors & accept all who would come in. However, I also believe all who would come in should do so with the expectation of converting their lives, according to the tenants of the faith. We are ALL required to make such changes in one respect or another. I realize that Dejuaii is a member of the well-known “Anointed Pace Sisters”, but their very name poses a problem for her & a question for us: Would God truly “anoint” a homosexual & choose them as His son/daughter? Perhaps she should marry a man 1st & try that out. If she is really a virgin, perhaps this would assist her in her quest for truth!

  3. Ms. Pace has been deceived like the rest of the world. She hasn’t even had sex and she is saying she is a lesbian because of attraction. Really? Attraction does not a lesbian make. It’s just a spirit of deception. Girl, go out with a man. Focus on God’s best and forget about “attraction”.

  4. Poor girl is deceived. God’s word is unchangeable, and will always stand, Pace sister, you need to read the word for yourself.

  5. @Jennifer W, Asia and Carlo, it is people like you why this woman lives in bondage! It is people like you why many gays and lesbians choose to live a life of lies to please man instead of pleasing God – No one is deceived here, except you homophobic haters who continue to use your majority to oppress those who are different. God made everybody differently for a specific reason, if you had read the bible for yourself instead of listening to what other deceived men tell you, you would’ve known.

    Homosexuality is innate. Science shows evidence to support it and the Bible supports it. Do you not know that among the Israelites, they have nothing against lesbians because for Jews the Torah doesn’t speak against lesbianism and many accept homosexuality because they understand the bible to read differently, which is why homosexuals have more freedom in Israel than America! The bible at no time discriminated against gays, just like slavery and the oppression of women, it is MAN who wield out their biased interpretations and used the ”Church” as a symbol of moral authority to solidify their hatred for others. I do hope to God this woman gains the courage to be WHO God made her to be – A strong LESBIAN woman – Women of all race and social standing are to be PROUD and SUPPORTIVE of lesbians, because if it weren’t for their fights in the Women’s Movement, women today would still be picking up after a man and being treated like inferior beings.

  6. OK, this is the REAL issue. Being a “Gospel” singer, Ms. Pace is viewed by the public as a representative of the Christian community. That being said, she is accountable to (1st & foremost) God/Jesus, then to all those who listen to songs she sings of salvation, deliverance & healing. She is accountable to live according to the Word she knows & sings. Here’s the problem:

    (1)Concerning God’s position on homosexuality, the Bible is quite specific: Gen.19:1-13; Lev.18:22-30;20:13; Judges 19:22-30; Romans 1:18-32; 1Corinthians 6:9; 1Timothy 1:8-10, with many other referred Scriptures.

    (2)She obviously isn’t delivered or healed, nor does it appear she’s saved based on the definition which means: “to be rescued from peril” (Websters). Authentically “saved” people give their situations to the Lord to solve, not Oprah (1Pe 5:7 ‘Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you’).

    (3)When I became a Christian, I also became Born Again & Spirit Filled. A “new” life was instituted in me, and the old life should be dissolved (2Cr 5:17:”Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”).

    This “new” life is generated via the Holy Spirit. How is it that the SAME Spirit which changed & converted the lives of billions of people since Pentecost NOT have the SAME impact on Ms. Pace? If she’s a virgin, she’s in a blessed condition unto the Lord; if she’s drawn to lesbianism, she’s in a cursed place. I would advise her to step down from singing, fast & consecrate herself before the Lord, & then emerge being what He tells her.

  7. @Jerome, Conditioning is a hell of a thing, AND it is even worse when there is a large mass of people in support of it. The Gospel of Jesus is about the ”GOOD NEWS” that Jesus brought to us – Where in Jesus’ teachings/commandments did He discriminate against lesbians and gays? So how dare you question Miss Pace’s Gospel singing career AND her slavation?

    IGNORANCE is at the heart of your INIQUITOUS attitude towards Ms. Pace. But no surprise there, because God did declare that ”My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

    1. Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with homosexuality. The scripture tells us that ”ALL the people” of the cities (which included women and children) gathered around Lot’s house, and from exchanges made with Lot, it is clear that their intention was to RAPE and abuse the men. Gay men are interested in men, so WHY would Lot offer his virgin daughters IF the men were gay? You and your FAULTY church is claiming that this addresses homosexuality, well in that case, where is the evidence today that shows gay men go around in large groups of both genders (young and old), beating down their neighbor’s door to rape their male guests? Do you see how STUPID you sound claiming Sodom is about homosexuality? In addition, GOD made sure He gave us another incident in Judges 19, in which some men of a city wanted to rape a male stranger, BUT after reasoning, they instead brutally raped his concubine – How does that exemplify homosexuality? In fact to make it even more clear, GOD revealed in Ezekiel 16:49-51 WHY He destroyed Sodom, and at no time He said anything about homosexuality – What God described, was someone LIKE YOU – evil and mean spirited to others. So whose report do you believe, God or your church?

    Since you don’t know, the term Homosexuality AND Heterosexuality were created in the late 1800s by a GAY European scientist IN SUPPORT of gay rights. He coined the words to highlight the FACT that homosexuality is INNATE – As such Homosexuality speaks to the ATTRACTION for the same gender. This is so because NOT all gays have sex, and there are many HETEROSEXUAL men/women who have sex with members of the same gender for OTHER reasons than LOVE. For example, money, status and IDOLATRY!

    2. With that said above, let me inform you that your understanding of the bible is corrupted. Are you that elementary in your understanding of Bible history that you failed to realize that what we have today is the English translation of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, which are also translations of the older language forms? Therefore, one NEEDS the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help to decipher the TRUTH. You claim Leviticus 18:22 condemns homosexuality, but HOW? ”Thou shalt not lie with mankind , as with womankind.” Does that make sense to you? If God was making a direct pronouncement that ALL MEN are born heterosexual, wouldn’t it have made sense for Him to simply say, “Do not have sex with other men?” The fact that God brought in, ”As with womankind” indicates that He was NOT speaking to all men, because the basic composite of gays is that they are NOT attracted to women and so would not necessarily be lying with them. That is why the Hebrew wording when translated word for word says ”And with mankind you shall not lie [in] beds [of] A woman/wife.” This clearly shows that God is not concerned with men having sex with men, but doing so in their wives’ beds, because God knows that He makes some people gay. However, the English bible doesn’t say exactly what the Hebrew says, they gave their own spin, but COMMON SENSE should have alerted you. In addition, Leviticus 18:1-3 made it clear that the by-laws God gave to the Israelites were to restrain them from adhering to the customs of the Canaanites. Therefore, where is the evidence that gay is a learnt behavior?

    3. Can you read? You are the FIRST person to highlight Romans 1:18-26 YET failed to see the sequence Paul wrote in. Paul made it absolutely clear in verses 23-25 that he was addressing believers in God who had become IDOLATROUS!!! Paul said it was as a result of their idolatry God turned them over – And for those of us who know better and are AWARE, know that same sex activity by heterosexuals in a religious context is a ritual associated with IDOLATRY: why do you think certain bodies like the Masonry etc do not welcome gays in their midst, because such sexual activities are for the benefit of their idols as it were with the Egyptians and the Canaanites.

    4. Bible translations that insert the word ‘Homosexual’ are of the devil. The word homosexual as I said earlier was coined in the 1800s, centuries after the first bible was composed. So how do those scholars get to use the word homosexuals in 1 Corinthian 6:9 and 1 Timothy when the GREEK word (ARSENOKOTAI) that Paul used was never used before? Paul made up that word and NO ONE knows for sure what it means, because there were other Greek words existing that could be used to describe men who we refer to as homosexuals today, so WHY didn’t Paul use one such word IF he was speaking to gays? MOST people like you, may not know these FACTS, but I do, and that is why I can say YOU have been deceived. The church was hijacked by Satan centuries ago and so what you base your belief on is FAULTY and is leading you into Jesus’ fury, as He promised to tell you on the day of judgment – DEPART ye workers of INIQUITY. So you best be careful how you speak about God’s children.

    Jesus made it clear in His word that NOT all men were born to be with women, yet you go about persecuting our sons and brothers when they reveal that they are not attracted to women.

    5. The only deliverance Miss Pace needs is from you EVILOUS and OPPRESSIVE workers of iniquity. Because of you demons, Miss Pace for all these years has lived a life of FEAR. Well a change has come. What was hidden from the wise and prudent is NOW being revealed to babe and suckling. IF you don’t care to receive Miss Pace’s God given talent, there are millions of gays out there who need to see that you CAN be gay and STILL be a Christian. The bible says a CLEAN hand and a PURE heart shall see God, NOT who you sleep with. Jesus says WHAT God joined together! Who are you to restrict WHAT exclusively to a man and a woman? Go and examine your manly doctrines and ask God for guidance. Not because your culture taught you to oppose homosexuals mean it is correct. IF it weren’t for opponents of the church’s culture back in the days of slavery, Blacks would still be in bondage –THINK for a change! In closing, ask yourself HOW COME you (the righteous Christian) have so much power and liberty in a SINFUL world, while gays who you claim are sinful, are the ones being oppressed? That was definitely NOT the picture Jesus drew! Satan sure knows how to make a fool out of people. May God have mercy.

  8. @Putt: Well, that was quite a response. You’re understanding of the Scriptures is very interesting indeed, and seems to support your way of life, as is the nature of those who want to have their cake & eat it too! However you may view the Bible is certainly up to you.

    Ms. Pace is well aware of the central message of truth. Her church teaches according to Scripture as it is read, not according to personal interpretation which fits her(or anyone’s) lifestyle, so she is aware. That’s where the problem comes in. The purpose of sex was intended by the Creator for procreation-to produce offspring. Does homosexuality promote offspring? The lifestyle in question here is in contradiction to the intention of the Lord.

    I don’t know who you are, nor did I attack you personally as you have to me, however, I believe that what the Bible says is what it means. It calls for holiness (be ye holy, for I am holy). Are you remotely suggesting to us “deceived” believers that God (Jesus) is gay? In fact, I’d like to know from you exactly who in the Bible was gay & contributed to the overall benefit of Christianity & holiness? Moses? Joshua? Elijah? The prophets?The apostles?

    Who? Oh, by the way, I noticed you omitted 1 Corinthians 6:9. It uses the word “effeminate” used in the context of not be eligible to enter into the Kingdom. The translated/defined word for “effeminate” according to the concordance is:
    1) of a boy kept for homosexual relations with a man

    2) of a male who submits his body to unnatural lewdness

    3) of a male prostitute

    And since the church has been so deceived, as you say, why would Satan single out this one particular group of people for Christians to “hate”. How absurd is that? Oh yeah, nobody ever said we “hate” gays. That came from your mouth! Hate is from the devil. We’re taught to love one another.

  9. @Jerome B. isn’t it also true that YOUR understanding of scripture is used to support YOUR way of life, i.e. your quest to oppress, persecute, and discriminate against LGBT persons? At the end of the day MY interpretation saves lives instead of killing, gives hope instead of depression, build up instead of tearing down: The last time I checked, This is what Jesus is about.

    Jerome, the bible is OPEN FOR INTERPRETATION – Therefore, a woman who is anointed by God and is given the gift of ministering, looks at Paul’s declaration about a woman keeping silent, DIFFERENTLY.

    So yes, Ms. Pace is aware of her church’s [misinformed] “central message” on the issue of homosexuality, AND in response to that, she did the best she could by denying her true sexuality. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to tell you that when a child is led to feel embarrassed about who he is, that he in response denies himself.

    The church in cementing its LIES about homosexuality goes about using SCARE-TACTICS. So we hear about homosexuality is a threat to population growth – Yet it’s the same church that tells us Sodom, a city compared to the Garden of Eden, rich and well populated, was full of homosexuals? Here we see YOU flaunting that LIE about homosexuality is a threat to population. Isn’t it a FACT that some heterosexuals CANNOT produce offspring? Should we do away with them? Isn’t it a FACT that some heterosexual couples CHOOOSE NOT to have children? Should we condemn those people too?

    It is a fact that just like heterosexuals, homosexuals ALSO care to have children and are doing so as we speak. IF you were looking at the bigger picture you would’ve seen WHY God would make some people sterile and some people gay – With about half million children in foster care and over a 100 thousands in need of adoption (in the US alone), don’t you think those kids need a stable and loving home to be in?

    The ideology that sex was designed exclusively for procreation is another LIE from the Church. Sex in and of itself IS NOT sinful. It is a spiritual act and if you understood the deep symbolism it holds between committed couples, you would see that engaging in sex is not just for baby-making – You are also indirectly advocating that sterile couples have no business engaging in sex! Paul told us that it’s better to marry than to [burn] with passion; that burning is NOT for baby-making, it’s for creating pleasure with the one you love. In addition, Paul advised against withholding sex from our partner as that could make them stray. Therefore, your doctrine is of the church NOT the Bible!

    Jerome, I didn’t attack you, I attacked what YOU represent. Just as how Jesus said WOE unto the Pharisees for being an hindrance to many, likewise I too am forced to say WOE unto all who continue to hinder my LGBT brothers and sisters for reaching their full potential in God – Because of the church’s CORRUPT doctrine, many gays have turned to atheism, because they know who they are is no choice of their own! I too believe what the Bible says is what it means. You, however, read the bible through the FAULTY history of the church, BUT I read the bible in a PRACTICAL manner, seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit. To be holy is to strive to be like Christ! You know you are ‘Holy’ when you possess the FRUIT of the Holy Spirit. IF you believe the bible is TRUE, then when measured against secular history, it’s supposed to HOLD FIRM: For me it does!

    If God said let us make man in our image and LIKENESS and we see some people are gay, then it is quite fitting to say that that is also a part of God’s likeness. So yes, God made Adam and Eve, BUT H e also made Ms. Pace and Ellen Degeneres, It’s God who made Elton John and Ricky Martin – Because my Bible tells me God knew us before we were born and that He formed us in our mothers’ womb. God is not a physical being, He is a Consuming Fire. Jesus came into flesh, but from what is given in the English Bible, there is not much to say whether He was gay or straight; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of His disciples were! However, from my research, King David was, if not at least bisexual – Didn’t Jonathan fall in love with David the first day they met (NASB 1 Samuel 18:1) “Now it came about when he had finished speaking to Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as himself.” That wasn’t hard for Jonathan to do, because the bible tells us (NASB 1 Samuel 16:42) “So he sent and brought him in. Now he (David) was ruddy, with beautiful eyes and a handsome appearance…” So David was very easy on the eye. But that is not what I based my belief on. There is the instance in which King Saul was angry with Jonathan because he knew they were together, AND importantly, after the death of Jonathan, David DECLARED in 2 Samuel 1:26 “I am distressed for you, my [brother] Jonathan; You have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was more wonderful Than the love of women.”

    Common sense should alert you that the love shared between David and Jonathan was more than ‘best pal’ – David compared Jonathan’s love for him to that of WOMEN and said it was BETTER! But the church steep in lies, continue to deny this truth and hold that they were just ‘Best Friends’. Well isn’t it TRUE that the strongest couples are those who consider themselves Best Friends?

    Let me remind you, the language the Men of God understood AND the language they wrote in were HEBREW and partly Aramaic (which Jesus spoke). The NT was written in GREEK. Now did you know that even Hebrew speakers today DO NOT understand all the writings of the Torah (OT) because what Moses, David etc spoke was Old Hebrew, and as we know, words and expressions change overtime. Therefore, you cannot read the English translation and say it is final, especially when there are conflicting issues like homosexuality. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to conduct RESEARCH! As said earlier, the word ‘Homosexuality’ wasn’t created UNTIL the late 1800s, so you will not find it in the scrolls. In addition the bible isn’t a sex book, so you cannot expect details of explicit acts. In addition, gays, like blind, dumb, deaf, deformed persons are in the minority, so it’s crazy to expect a lot of characters. However, it is believed that certain terms used suggest that some men in their work position were indeed what we consider gays today. In addition, In Greek history, you can find accounts of ‘homosexuals’ and these accounts were not always in the negative – But just like the Pharaoh who turned the Egyptians against the Jews, because of personal bias, so too the church has turned worldview against homosexuals, to the point African nations refused to look past the history of White occupation and have fabricated a story that homosexuality is not a part of African culture, that it was brought by the Whites; when all that the whites brought was their laws based on their religious doctrines that says homosexuality is a shameful sin. This despite the FACT that history has shown us that before Christ came on earth homosexuality existed in Africa, and naturally among all other peoples.

    Don’t want to be too long, BUT you need to know the history of the Church. The church of Paul’s time WAS NOT the Church that spread Christianity to the New World. The Catholic Church is the ‘Mother’ of all Christian churches today and as much as how there was the Protestant movement, much of its ideology were adopted. But the Irony is that the same Church (Catholic) that had turned the world against gays have accepted that homosexuality is innate, BUT they continue to hold objection to sex (which they claim not to have) AND gay marriage (which they too do not partake of).

    So when you point to 1 Corinthians 6:9 you are simply going by what the Church taught you. The Greek word Paul used Malakoi was initially interpreted as Weak morals OR Soft. However, centuries later the Church translated it as Effeminate and applied it to homosexuals when that was NEVER the point Paul made. And so what we have today is parents hating their little boy because he acts feminine. In fact we are trained to see all feminine men as gay when there are some straight men who INNATELY act feminine, while some girls act masculine. Have you ever heard a man who sounds like a woman? Do you think he chose to have that tone of voice? Do you think a woman who has more facial and chest hair than a man chose to be like that? NO, but thanks to the church, these people are looked at as UNNATURAL. Jesus told us in Matthew 19”10-12 that NOT all men were born to be with women, YET we chastise our men when they don’t want to be with a woman and send them to Ex-gay camps, because that is natural?

    What your bible concordance has done is to paint homosexuals as PEDOPHILES and that is another example as to how far some will go to demonize a group of people. But you need to ask yourself WHY in all the cases of attacks never you hear persons are being killed and abused because they are straight; it’s ALWAYS gays who are victimized. Just as how gays can come together and form organizations to champion a cause, WHY don’t they form gangs to burn down heterosexual homes, rape our men, beat and chop straight men? All these atrocities are experienced by gays daily, yet never do they act violently against their oppressors. YET you want to make these people out as EVIL. The church has shown more evil than even a prostitute! No wonder Jesus says the Prostitute and the publicans will enter heaven before the so-called righteous!

    In closing, Genesis 11:6 says, “
    The LORD said, “Behold, they are ONE PEOPLE, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.”

    This reveals that God DELIBERATELY purposed His creation to be different; as such from that day on, we have a rainbow of people: different in our physicality, spirituality AND our sexuality – All these differences give us challenges to overcome as we learn to understand each other, BUT Satan use that to wreak havoc, as he incites HATRED in the heart of man for persons who are different! That is why Jesus emphasized on LOVE, because no matter how different we are as a people, we are to love just the same – Jesus said, “Let the wheat and the tare grow together UNTIL the day of harvest.” So even if you think Ms. Pace is a tare, who are you to CUT her off? Is this the day of Harvest? ARE YOU GOD?

    The Bible OPEN FOR INTERPRETATION – You may choose to read the NIV and I choose to read the KJV. You may choose to go to Baptist and I choose to go to Pentecostal. What God looks for in His people is a CLEAN HEART, because He knows that as long as we are in Christ, we are neither Jew, Nor Greek, Rich nor Poor, Male nor Female – We are ONE!

    Study to show yourself approved

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