Baltimore Housing Refuses to Pay Judgments to Lead Victims

Sister and brother, Brittany McCutcheon, 20, and Antonio Fulgham, 21, speaking with their attorney.

Charm city is losing all it’s charisma with many of its residents that have been shafted by Baltimore’s Public Housing Authority.  Baltimore is one of the nation’s oldest cities and the public housing reflects it.  Now, those who lived in those old dwellings that were filled with lead paint are seeking compensation for the misery caused by their exposure.

Antonio Fulgham, 21 and his sister, 20-year old Brittany McCutcheon, both won judgments equaling over 4 million until the state of Maryland told them that their was a cap on how much they could pay out for “noneconomic damages.”  The only thing noneconomic about them not paying up is them not paying up.  So, McCutcheon’s settlement dropped from $2.2. million to $1.35 million and her brother received $1.27 million and he is barely literate and defined as “mentally retarded.”

 The Housing Authority of Baltimore City has more than a hundred other cases pending and the payout totalling nearly a billion dollars.  But, it appears that all they’re trying to offer is an apology.

Read the full story on this travesty here.  Check out the interview of the brother and sister below.

-J.C. Brooks


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