Jokey Joke: Katt Williams ‘Killed By A Tiger’

Katt Williams as the tiger.

In case you don’t know who Katt Williams is, he’s the pint-sized, dirty mouth, comedian that has had some “challenges” in the news.  He may have had some meltdowns here and there and that’s why we haven’t seen him as of late.  But before he took a little “me time” away from the camera, he left some funny stuff behind.

This particular routine is made up of different animals at the zoo.  It seems like his children must have recently had  him take them to the zoo because he had a whole routine on just how the animals look and feel.  This part was mostly started by a tiger who had killed someone in his cage in the San Francisco Zoo.  Check him out.  WARNING! LEWD, LOTS OF CURSING!  Now proceed:

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