Google Creating Controversial Face Recognition Application

Google is always trying to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on in anything online related.  Now they’re trying to put together a new app that will get a few people out there in trouble-especially those of you who are in a special type of relationship. You know who you are!  Sneakin’!  Well, Google is about to take the guessing games out of the equation for all women who are trying to find out who their man is cheating with.

With Google’s Profile application, you will be able to snap a photo of someone and the software will use it’s face recognition ability to pull up that person’s name, e-mail address, and phone number.  You have to opt in to use the software and check off that you agree to be a part of the mayhem. In addition, “Google has not said what personal data might be displayed once a person is identified by its facial-recognition system.?”

The other problem is as I mentioned above, you will…get…..caught!  But, Google will safeguard itself from any liability because it will make you sign up before you use it.  Google has been properly warned about the repercussions that could possibly ensue.  Get the full story here.

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