History Proves Racist Roots of Trump and other Birthers (Video)


Goldie Taylor, contributing editor for the Grio, breaks down racist origins of birthers.

We would be doing a great disservice to our readers if we didn’t revisit the birther issue from a teaching perspective.  It’s time we got down to the nitty gritty of the issue.  Aside from the President of the United States having to prove his citizenship, where does the audacity to call him to task on this issue come from?  The “tea party” and “birthers” were never heard of before this country got its first African American President.  These groups are a direct response to him accepting the appointment. Continue reading

The Celebration of ‘Real Women’ and Stretch Marks Has Begun!

The time after a woman has her first baby is one of the happiest, but also most difficult.  The problem starts around that seventh or eighth month when she isn’t sure whether she’ll be able to overthrow or conquer the belly in front of her after delivery.  All the tricks of breastfeeding to lose weight and 100 crunches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, do not provide any relief for the stretch marks, facial and/or skin issues that may have transformed her into someone she cannot connect with anymore.  Simply put, she doesn’t recognize that person anymore. Continue reading

New Survey Detects Autism by Age 1

Autism is a complex developmental brain disorder that is becoming more prevalent in the U.S. everyday.  This disorder does not have a cure and is affecting approximately 1 in 110 children.  As more and more children are being diagnosed, many parents would like to know much sooner what their child’s facing and how to deal with it as that child develops.

Now, researchers are claiming that a new survey that takes about five minutes can detect the disorder by the time the child Continue reading

Big Screen Opens Up to More Penis?

Hollywood has never had a problem putting naked women on screen.  The film industry has always been open to it.  Full frontal seems to have been a rite of passage for the women, but what about the men?   Can you remember the last time penis was prevalent on the big screen? No one can.  But, every man in America, black or not, can remember the first time they saw Pam Grier naked.  That in itself was a rite of passage for young men…and old. Continue reading

Virginia Tech Appeals $55,000 Fine for Slow Notification in Massacre

In 2007, Virginia Tech was the site for one of the most horrific massacres in U.S. history.  A disturbed student shot two students in the dormitory and went to four different classrooms and shot and killed 30 more including himself.  But, the Department of Education is not sympathetic to the administration’s tragedy because they were fined $55,000 for failing to alert students in a timely fashion after they noticed that something had gone awry. Continue reading

Whoopi Goes Off on Trump…Again!

Now that the birther issue has been taken as far as it can be taken, a few of us have had a bad taste in our mouth as it pertains to Donald Trump.  He’s showing so many of his true colors that it’s difficult to figure which one of his feathers we should yank first.  His entire image has been shaken with the black community.  If it hasn’t, you’re sitting on the wrong side of the fence.  Like Whoopi said on The View on Wednesday, “I’m tired of trying to find ways to not find something racist.”  Continue reading

Woman Dates Man Online Gives Him $10,000 …then He Dies?

Janna St. James also known as the fireman boyfriend of Paula Bonhomme.

There is some desperate women out here these days.  They are not only going out stalking men down at church, school, and work.  But once they catch him, they pay for the date, pay the child support he has with other women, bail him out, let him chill at home while she goes to work and the most popular, have his baby to keep him.  But not this one. This case is a little more peculiar than all the others because it involves online dating.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman, Paula Bonhomme, was seduced by the “fireman” through e-mails and her friends later discovered that the fireman Continue reading

Teenager Shoots Student in front of Elementary School

Another senseless act of violence has erupted in Chicago.  There have been numerous horrific crimes against young people in the Windy City and this is yet another.  The student was shot down in front of a crowd of south side elementary students as the school was in the midst of dismissal.  Two rival gang members, both under the age of 15 taking a Facebook fight to the streets. Continue reading