Ohio Approves Strictest Abortion Limit in the U.S. with ‘Heartbeat Bill’

Ohio’s politicians managed to slip a bill through a House committee on Wednesday to secure the strictest point of service that a woman can have an abortion.  The bill still has to be approved by the House, but it states that the woman cannot get an abortion after the first detectable heartbeat at about six weeks.

According to local FOX affiliate WTTE, the bill being pushed is called the “Heartbeat Bill” and it would essentially prevent women from getting abortions.  Most women, especially younger girls, do not even realize they’re pregnant until they are nearly 8 weeks. Lawmakers that helped the legislation get approved are pro-lifers who still had trouble getting it through with a slim 12-11 win. It’s still quite likely that the bill will not make it any further than committee because pro-choice lawmakers are ready for the fight.

But in addition and more importantly than the tangle with pro-choice politicians, the lawmakers do not have the support of their own people.  Fox reported:

“As drafted, our position has been very clear. This bill had numerous negative consequences and unintended consequences,” said Ohio Right to Life executive director Mike Gonadakis. “It’s the right idea at the wrong time. Timing’s everything in the pro-life movement.”

Read the full story here.  This bill appears to be dead in the water…as it should be.

-J.C. Brooks

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