Jay-Z Being Investigated for Hanging Out in KY Locker Room

Jay-Z celebrates in locker room with Kentucky after win over North Carolina Sunday.

It appears that Jay-Z lost his head after Kentucky beat North Carolina on Sunday to grasp a coveted position in the Final Four.  The team played at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  Everyone knows Jay-Z is from Brooklyn and he’s part owner of the New Jersey Nets.  He began the partnership and will be bringing the Jets to Brooklyn for the 2011-2012 season.  So, it looks a little suspicious when he shows up at a college basketball game and goes in the locker room after a win–at least to the NBA.

The NBA has strict rules on NBA personnel having contact with collegiate players who are not yet “draft eligible.”  But, it’s quite possible that he just got a little excited for a team that he supports and used his celebrity to go celebrate in the locker room with the players.  Whatever the excuse might be, it better be a good one.  He probably doesn’t even look at himself as “NBA personnel” more than a rapper that knows the team would be excited to get a visit from him.

Check out the story here while we find out what Jay-Z is planning to tell Stern.

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