Florida Governor Wants Welfare Applicants to Pay for Drug Tests

Florida's Governor Rick Scott (R)

The governors all over the nation are scrambling to find ways to cut corners, but you just gotta laugh when you hear the idea out of Florida.  It’s reminiscent of an idea D.C. was looking over a few years ago to get the women addicted to crack to stop having babies.  They wanted to pay crackheads $10 every morning if they would come in and take a birth control pill.  Brilliant, right?  This would inadvertently relieve the welfare and social services of caring for another single mother with children.  Well there’s a flaw in the plan, you’re putting out money and then turning around and paying them again with disability.

According to BlackAmericaWeb, this particular plan cooked up by Florida Governor Rick Scott (R), would have those applying for welfare pay $35 for a drug test that the state would now require the applicant to take before receiving a decision on their welfare status.  The requirement by the state is the problem.  If the state is going to require me to take a test, then the government should pay.  Right?

Surely, this will not go by quietly in the night because this Governor has already been up to no good.  The prisoners there were getting the right to vote after serving their full sentence until Gov. Scott rescinded the measure ending any hope for voting rights for ex-cons in the state.

Read more here while we call their congressman.  Is this stuff legal?

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