Clutch Magazine Re-evaluates African American’s Relationship with ‘Condi’

Condoleeza Rice is getting her “ghetto pass” evaluated for acceptance back into the black community, but she didn’t submit it for review.  Clutch magazine writer, Alexis G. Stodghill, is under the impression that the black community took Condi’s devotion to George Bush the wrong way.  That we may have made a mistake in how we judged her allegiance to the man who folks in other countries had the moxy to throw a shoe at.

Stodghill says in her review of this situation between the black community and Condi that we have pigeon holed ourselves because of our incessant hold on parochial thinking.  We don’t step outside the box enough.  And we judge Condi because she stands as a true independent thinker.  She don’t give a DAMN what anyone thinks, she’s going to hold positions that we may like or don’t like, say things that we may like or don’t like, but she’s going to be judged as a human being in her book.  Not as a strong, intelligent black woman from the South, but on her terms as a woman, in her own rite.

But in Stodghill’s devil’s advocate type commentary, she still says herself, “Condoleezza Rice epitomizes the icon who leads by example – but she is not the type of achiever whose specific acts should be copied.” That is confusing to most when trying to state the case of inviting her back into the fold. 

First, I think that if we are to accept and/or embrace any one of us because of their greatness, they should first be one who we wouldn’t mind our children embracing and using as a role model.  Which insinuates that our children may one day duplicate their actions.  This commentary states the case for Condi’s independence of thought, but we have to remember what she’s thinking about.  And, if you truly want to idolize her for being an individual by going as far as to say these words:

“We need more leaders who can teach us to break the mental molds that hold us down, and Rice, by defying all labels, is this type of leader that we need now. At a time when the traditional range of available leaders is seldom inspiring, Rice’s gift of pure self-expression is quietly enriching. Her refusal to stay within the limitations of what our group says a black woman should be shows black women that we can be all we want to be. This makes Condoleezza one of the rarest black heroes around: A hero who achieves not because she is trying to reinforce the black female identity, but because of the strength of her pure desires as an individual. It is only this strength that can take an individual into higher arenas of growth.”

maybe you should be re-valuating your definition of individual as it pertains to black women because at this point, I was completely confused.  Are we talking about Michelle Obama or are we talking about Condoleeza Rice?  Because the only black woman I have ever seen unfold as a super hero and assert herself on her own terms while simultaneously making a President out of her husband (sorry, but you know it’s true…He wouldn’t have been able to leap those hurdles without his “honey bump” supporting him the way she does) and still being a true black woman who takes care of her family, holds just as much, if not more education as the white men that she comes up against in the highest level of politics, and can rock Old Navy in the Oval office without flenching is my girl, and yours….Michelle Obama.

I’m sorry Stodghill, but if Condi is the true individual you say she is, please don’t state a case to us on how we should accept  her and hold her way of thinking in high regard because she is certainly not checking for what the black community thinks.  Please read Stodghill’s article and see what side of the argument you fall on.

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