Brazilian Homeless Man Builds His Own Car

Orismar de Souza, 35, in the self-made Shrimp Mobile.

We’ve seen it all with this story.  A lot of times, people make the excuse that they couldn’t get a job because they don’t have the proper transportation to get to the job.  But, no!  Not anymore!  That is no excuse!   Even if you’re homeless, living on the street, and don’t have anything else to do with your day outside of panhandling, you can spend that time wisely and build yourself a car.

According to MSNBC, this man, 35-year old Orismar de Souza from the Brazilian city of São José de Piranha had a dream.  He was going to be employed, have a home, and a job that would keep him there if only he had a car to get to the jobs he knew were available.  So one day he sat down and thought that he could use all the experience he had since a child collecting scrap metal to help build his car.  And he did.  Against what seemed to be impossible odds and jokes on him, he finished it…the Shrimp Mobile!

The car is mainly made of Fiat parts and other sheet metal he could find to chisel and hammer apart.  The endeavor was started with $270 and a dream.  After all his hard work, he got a job and a home and now simply needs a garage.  Read here for more on the inspirational story of Orismar de Souza.

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