Postal Service Offers Buyouts to 7,500 Employees

The U.S. Post Office has been hit hard by all of our e-mailing and other technology that allows us to circumvent the use of the service.  What we now call “snail mail” because of seemingly never ending technology created to communicate with one another instantaneously via a smorgasbord of communication tools, is on emergency life support to remain in business.  Now the government is forced to, once again,  make serious personnel cuts and more than entertain losing a day of service.

The Washington Post reports that the U.S. Postal service has offered buyouts in the amount of $20,000 to 7,500 employees in administrative, supervisory and postmaster positions.  But, in addition to finalizing this directive, cutting Saturday service is also on the table to assist with the economical recovery of the service.

Slowly, but surely though, it appears that we may see our local post offices become a thing of the past–but not without one serious fight.  Read more here to see a list of  reasons why cutting Saturday service and other postal services will not save the government what they thought it would.

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