Woman Uses Sperm from Oral Sex to Impregnate Self, Gets Child Support

Okay! Now we’ve all heard of women who try to trap men by getting pregnant, but to go as far as to impregnate HERSELF!? You know it’s coming…wait for it…wait for it…C’MON SON!!  WTH?  This has got to be the most bizarre case for a child support order on record.  He not only unwhittingly fathered a child with the woman, but was ordered to pay child support because she’s going around putting sperm in her cheeks like a squirrel saving it for winter.

Who does that?  Obviously, Sharon Irons., M.D.  Yeah!  An educated woman…with problems.  What was the purpose?  What type of story will she tell her daughter when she’s older?  Her parents fell in love and she sucked, I mean, she performed a sexual favor for her father and ended up with her…somehow.  The craziest part is (wait! there’s no craziest part…this whole thing is ignant!) the test tube she spit in to start the ball rolling.

Chicago family physician Richard Phillips, sued Irons for a “calculated, profound personal betrayal.”  He claims they never had intercourse in the time of their affair.  But, the  judges essentially said, “Somebody gotta pay for the baby now that it’s here and she is yours.”   Wow.

This incident occurred 12 years ago between them, six years ago it hit the courts, and now someone brought it back to the media because it obviously didn’t get the attention it deserved six years ago.  Check it out here.

17 thoughts on “Woman Uses Sperm from Oral Sex to Impregnate Self, Gets Child Support”

  1. what a dirty, dirty, dirty rotten whore! that has to be the lowest of the low.
    then to go after child support. i really hope someone offs this b!tch!
    a sleazy gold digging acting like a welfare “HO” wanting his money.
    she wanted the seed to make an unwanted “by him” kid…then a$$ rapes him for the money.

  2. It’s unfortunate that someone has to use creative thinking to misuse themselves. Do Negros and negroettes not know that the system is designed to KEEP YOU/SOMEONE DOWN! The baby is cute. Maybe; this story should not have been replayed, considering the fact that this child is 12 years old now. Things are getting worse! I’m thinking that we (U.S.) will endure an epidemic of the same types of cases. The father should have sought costudial rights of the baby, I’m sure that his wife still dogged him out for allowing the work relationship the evolve. The least that he could have gained is the satisfaction of making the home wrecker suffer by not having the baby or his presence in her life. Cute kid though.

  3. *

    LOL!!!! You can’t be damn serious!?!? F’uh -what?

    “Sharon Irons., M.D”

    –OH, you said she was a MD. Now it makes sense. -_- I dated one of those psychos…so, I TOTALLY get.

    “Her parents fell in love and she sucked, I mean, she performed a sexual favor for her father and ended up with her…somehow.”

    P.N. You had me dying laughing on THIS one!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
    P.N.2 Let me be Frank -or George or some other crass fellow. The bitch wanted it, the bitch made it happen and the bitch should pay for it! End of case. Why the hell should he pay child support for a child he never engaged in creating? Now, anybody can take a sample of your DNA -a hair follicle and create legions of children they can bill you for? Where is the bill of sell, let alone the bill of rights?

  4. He shouldn’t have been using her for SEX! He thought he was getting over . . I guess she showed him! How many times??? I’m sure she had a while to think about it! He tried to decimate God’s creation, evidence! Shame on him for ever using someones daughter in such a disgusting way! Now he has one . .

  5. That’s WHY condoms should always to used no matter what, even if you’re living together not married as husband and wife… BECUZ if the female wants a baby and you don’t as the male..OH well… MEN BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ONW birth control..otherwise you’ll be paying for a child that was created as result due too being with a JUMP-OFF! He was stupid and she’s just a desparate whore with an (MD) behind her name, AND? A WHORE to lower herself this low to take semen into her mouth and insert in her Vagina.. who does that? A sick and disturb person that’s who.. if anything he could go after her and get full custody of his jump off child ..sighting the wanna-be MOTHER mentally detect if in fact she admitted to impregnating herself with semen deposit in her mouth as result to oral sex..to impregnate her self…I would go after her tooth ans nail ans TAKE my seed away from her, she doesn’t deserve the CHILD.. what is she going to tell her child? A lie? You father and I were in love?, REALLY? But the real deal is your dad was a jump-off oral lover only..and I took his semen and impregnated myself without intercourse? (smh)

  6. The judge says “someone’s gotta pay.” Of course, if the mother wanted to drop the kid off at the hospital and never have a financial obligation to it after that they’d totally be OK with that. But since they can force some man to pay then that’s what they do.

    I can’t understand why misogyny is not more popular. It seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  7. Abeena, fuck u bitch
    If she doesn’t want to be used like thst she shouln’t have done it in the first place. Looks like calculated scam to me. Stop defending whores or u yourself is a whore

  8. Abena, just because you see it as a terrible act doesn’t mean she did. She clearly did it. It is not like you can unwillingly get a blow job without taking on that as a personal choice. All you have to do is bite down and it’s over. Her choice to do it and she probably liked it. Then she purposely got herself pregnant. No man should ever be required to “pay” for something he didn’t create. What’s next? Dumping old condoms into their vaginas? Going into the sewers to find sperm and hoping you can find the father? How about bitches learn to take care of themselves. I bet she didn’t want to give the dad shared custody, but she’s more than willing to steal his money.

  9. People should be careful who they lay down with. We don’t know the entire story but it stinks just like the nasty comment by this racist pig 10tall, it’s not a racist issue but a people issue, regardless of race.

  10. At the end of the day, she turned him in2 a sperm donor! Does that mean women can get da sperm, then go after the donor 4money?!? Cause it’s essentially the same thing! If she wanted the baby so bad, she should HAVE2 pay 4it herself!

  11. if you trade personal body substances with somebody , its legally theirs forever.
    every sex act concesquences since the beginning of time….result.
    stop skanking, marry a decent woman
    sex is sacred

  12. @karrmality – there is no law that says swapping body fluids makes it theirs. Nonsense. And if it is theirs…let it be theirs. Use your head. She wants a child and then wants someone else to pay her to get what she wants.
    YOU can think sex is sacred all you want. That is a personal belief. Period. Fortunately for the rest of us, we can live a different belief. Marriage is not the answer at all. Marriage should be done away with. It is simply a contract that allows the government into your relationship….and you can think that somehow it makes sex less skanky.

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