Detroit Loses 25 Percent of Population in a Decade

Detroit can’t catch a break.  The only time the city has been shown any love lately is when Chrysler showed the worldits empowering take on the city during the Super Bowl leaving an indelible catch phrase on everyone’s minds to remember: “This is the Motor City and this is what we do.”  But, unfortunately, those words have taken on a new meaning and what they’re “doing” is leaving.

The city affectionately known as The D, is now using that acronym for “Departing.”  The New York Times depicts a dismal side to the Motor City when they reported the overwhelming number of residents that have left the city since 2000.  The city that came from a bustling 2 million residents has dropped down to less than 800,000.  In 10 years, the city has seen the population decline by 237,500 residents–the largest decline in American history for any city with over 100,00 residents.

According to their report, now the once urban center of the north has turned into a dilapidated crack house bereft of inhabitants.  The present mayor, David Bing, has committed to tearing down 10,000 vacant residential buildings.   But, while that may sound progressive, the city will really appear to be a wasteland when he leaves those massive holes all over the city.

Read here and say a prayer for the once beloved Motown.  That’s got to be the way to help the city make a turnaround.  It definitely feels like only God can save it.

-J.C. Brooks

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