9-Year Old Girl Saves Little Sister from Pick-Up Truck (Video)

Anaiah Rucker 9, and Camry Harden 5, dodge death in near fatal accident.

A heart wrenching story in Madison, Ga., occurred in early February when two sisters were struck by a pick-up truck on their way to meet the school bus.  Their mom stood on the porch watching them cross the street–like she does everyday.  Her heart stopped when a pick-up truck looked to be racing toward her daughters and altering her life forever.

Anaiah Rucker, 9, and Camry Harden, 5, are students at Morgan County Elementary School, and were on their way across an intersection, but in wet conditions.  When a pick-up truck came toward them at too high a speed for both of them to jump out of the way, Anaiah did the brave thing and pushed her sister away from the impact and took the brunt of the hit herself.

Both girls survived, but Anaiah was seriously injured.   She has a damaged spleen,  lost a kidney, broke her neck and both of her legs.  Her left leg was so badly broken it could not be saved and had to be amputated.  She has a long recovery ahead of her and the entire community has come out to support their littlest hero as well as her unemployed mother, Andrea Taylor, who is facing mounting debt for Anaiah’s recovery.

Check out the family during an interview on the Today show, March 23.

-J.C. Brooks


4 thoughts on “9-Year Old Girl Saves Little Sister from Pick-Up Truck (Video)”

  1. What a sad story but a proud little girl so much love. Thank God for her bravery. I pray for her full recovery.

  2. That is a sad story, but I’m proud of her. That takes guts and she most likely saved her sister’s life. She’s in store for a lot of pain and hardship moving forward but thankfully she’s alive.

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