Nigerian Woman Left Children Alone in Daycare, 4 Die in Fire

Jessica Tata (in red) stands with her mother Missy while firefighters try to rescue the children

Daycare is a serious decision that every parent must make.  In fact, leaving your child with a stranger should be one of the hardest things to do.  But once the daycare is chosen, parents think they have thought of everything that could possibly go wrong and they feel confident that it won’t happen…until the unimaginable happens.

Last month, Nigerian-born Jessica Tata, 22, left seven children unattended in a daycare home, Jackie’s Child Care in West Houston, Tx.,   to go to the store.  There was an unattended pan of oil left on a hot electric stove burner.  The place went up in a blaze and four of the seven children died in the fire.  The other three lived with one in critical condition, but stable.

When she came back and saw what happened, she made up her mind to go back home to Nigeria, skipping her over $500,000 bond. She turned herself in on Saturday, her brother, Ron Tata, said she told him that she turned herself in because “it was the right thing to do.” 

Read more here on this devastating tragedy.

3 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Left Children Alone in Daycare, 4 Die in Fire”

  1. “The right thing to do.” WTH???? She should have thought, I better turn myself in before some of the parents hunt me down and skin my azz alive!!! I would have tore off the FIRST piece of skin. I don’t have children, but I would have done it!!! How ignorant is she?? Please let her get at least 25 in prison. These babies are gone forever. Go to the store. OMG!!!

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