Minneapolis Ranks #1 for Finding a Job

Minneapolis, Minn.

The unemployment issue seems to still rank #1 on the list of  U.S. problems to remedy.  As it should be.  Everyone should have the opportunity to make money and fend for their family.  Now Forbes has made it a little easier for someone seeking that opportunity by compiling a list of cities that are best to find employment.

According to Forbes, the #1 city to find employment is Minneapolis.  With the help of the Department of Labor via recruiting firm Ajilon Professional Staffing’s results of U.S. cities with the fullest employment, Minneapolis soared above the rest.  Between December 2009 and December 2010, Minneapolis saw a spike of .7 percent in employment.  Even though some cities are high with unemployment, it seemed to not completely affect the chances of many looking for jobs.

Some of the other cities in the top 5 are Austin at the #2 spot and Boston in the #4 spot.  Read here to see the cities you may be moving to next.

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