Jokey Joke: D’Angelo’s How Does It Feel? (The Fat Version)

Now we understand that there have been sightings of D’Angelo over the years and he has beefed up (well, porked up) since doing his near naked video “How Does It Feel?”  But, he didn’t come out and ask for the support of the chubby black men of America.  There was absolutely no reason for the them to come out and totally tarnish the man’s work.  He may never step on the scale under 200 pounds again.  And now they had to go and do this!

D’Angelo was in top physical condition when he did this video and women have made babies to this song with the image of him in their heads for years.  They forget who they’re really in the room with when this song comes on.  They only see D’Angelo’s body. But now?! Now?!!  All the baby making days are out the window if they have to use this video for imagery.

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