D.A. Caught with Cocaine after Prosecuting Bruno Mars and Paris for Same Charge

David Shubert, FORMER District Attorney seen here with fellow drug users Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars.

The drug dealer motto is, “Don’t get high off your own supply.”  Which doesn’t mean buy your own! It means don’t do drugs!  There’s a serious conflict of interest!  Now here we are in the case of another type of hypocrisy.  A top attorney in California, the DISTRICT ATTORNEY, gets busted for cocaine possession?  How hypocritical can you be? 

The office Deputy District Attorney David Shubert holds is a position of excellence, pride and honesty that should stand for something other than bustin’  Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton for their drug possession and making a name for yourself.   Now that his credibility is shot and he’s been locked out of his office, I bet he used their drugs or wish he had them?  The stuff that was confiscated from Mars and Hilton probably never made into evidence–except enough to bust them.

Shubert has people in low places that were giving him a hook up at a crack den in Vegas when they were spotted, chased, and apprehended.  Now, he’s losing his job and preparing to be in the cell next to Paris and ‘nem.  Oops! Paris isn’t even in the pen, she’s out on good behavior.  I guess it’s lonely at the bottom too. Don’t drop the soap Shubert!  Read here for more of this ridiculous guy.

3 thoughts on “D.A. Caught with Cocaine after Prosecuting Bruno Mars and Paris for Same Charge”

  1. Good. The more dealers and addicts they bust and put behind bars, the better and safer our streets will be. People/Employees in high positions should receive the same punishment as everybody else. They are responsible for covering up illegal activities.

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