Amazon Opens ‘Appstore’ in the Heat of Battle with Apple

Amazon has really been giving Apple the middle finger over the last week.  They had been waiting to launch their apps for the Google Android phones and had to come up with a name, so they said, “How boooouuuuut “Appstore?  That’s original right?”  Apple said “HELL NO! ”  Amazon knows they are wrong, but they appear to be interested in driving traffic to their site with the controversy from Apple.

When Amazon decided they were going to launch their applications under the Appstore name, they had to know there would be major problems with Apple…and now there is because Apple has decided to sue.  Essentially, Amazon is basically trying to start some stuff because they have even offered to give away an Android version of Angry Birds Rio.  This app is normally 99 cents, but they are offering it free.

Read here for more info on these techy brats.

-J.C. Brooks

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