New UFC Champ Takes Down Robber Before Fight

Jon "Bones" Jones and trainer subdue robber outside Newark, NJ, before becoming youngest UFC Champ ever.

The UFC Championship fight between Shogun Rua and Jon “Bones” Jones took place March 19, and Jones was victorious.  With his win against Rua, at 23, he has become the youngest champion in UFC history.  But, he was a winner prior to making the fight in Newark, NJ.  He was going through his normal ritual before the fight when his spidey senses kicked in and he was on the job.

The young fighter and his trainers were outside Newark and Jones was meditating when he heard a woman yell for help and say that she had been robbed.  He put on a chase, got the guy to the ground and pinned him, wrestling style, in a figure four leg lock until the cops showed up.

According to TMZ, Jones tweeted about the incident saying,  “I caught him….Coach Jackson finished him … It feels so good to help others. It gives me power and energy.”  He also told TMZ, “It was a great pre-fight warm-up for me!”

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