Jokey Joke: Subway Shockers!

There has to be no other place on Earth that provides the entertainment that can be found on the subway…and we’re not talking about the sandwich place.¬† In New York City alone, millions are either grossed out or thoroughly entertained everyday.¬† There seems to be no happy middle ground when it comes to it.¬†

On the video you are about to see, an out of work stripper, self-proclaimed non-homeless,¬†perverted white male busts out of a trench coat on the train and gives the riders all he has to give!¬† You will quickly see why he probably has NEVER had a dancing gig anywhere.¬† But what we can’t understand is why he didn’t get his ass kicked in one part of his routine where he said, “Hairy is the new black!”¬†Check him out:

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