Kidney Transplant Results In HIV Transmission

We have always been told that we should do the responsible thing and be organ donors.  But that does not mean that EVERYONE should be rushing down to help out.  The latest news of a recipient not only receiving a new kidney, but also HIV, probably have those that are sitting on these waiting lists really nervous. 

Many people worry about things like not being a match, but this was not supposed to be a problem.  Medical facilities were supposed to ensure that those waiting for clean organs would indeed receive clean organs.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s first discovery of the transmission of HIV via a kidney donation occurred in New York city. This presents a lose-lose scenario for patients.  Now they have to worry about surviving the donation.

The CDC reported it was a male donor and he was tested for HIV about 10 weeks before he donated a kidney in 2009 and the results were negative. He did admit that he had unprotected sex with another man during that time. It wasn’t discovered that he had HIV until about a year after the transplant.

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