Donald Trump for President? (Video)

Most people are under the impression that Donald Trump is a cool cat that hangs with Russel Simmons from time to time and is the ultimate player on the field when it comes to money, power, and respect, well, there’s some other things you should know too.  And that is how he plans to run America if ever given the chance.

Trump is seriously considering taking over the #1 spot in America from President Barack Obama.  But, there’s some serious flaws in his campaign already!  By the time you are finished viewing his latest interview with ABC’s Ashleigh Banfield you will swear you see a serious resemblance between him and George Bush.

He’s ready to put up $600 million for his campaign and tells Banfield that is one thing that gives him a leg up on everyone else.  He’s rich!  Some highlights from his interview include:

  • He’s interested in performing a “surgical strike” on Gadhafi as long as it doesn’t mean war. 
  • The Somalian pirates are “nothing.” He would “wipe them out of the sea.”
  • While we are spending $1 billion per month on being the policeman for the world, China is spending a $1 billion per day becoming the economic power in the world.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The worst of it is the fact that he is a Sarah Palin supporter.  He actually said that she was great as governor of Alaska and she made a “tragic mistake” by leaving early.  What the?  Then he goes even farther than that and says, “Palin is more qualified [to be President] than Barack Obama was when he became President.”  Now you know he’s going to get it……….

C’MON SON!!!!!

Not to mention that he’s a BIRTHER!  And his only evidence that Obama is not an American is that no one in Obama’s childhood knows him.  No one knows him until later in his life.  He finds that peculiar.  You think I’m making this stuff up?  NO WAY I COULD THINK THIS STUFF UP!  Now you’re prepared in case his name ends up on the Presidential ticket. Not only that, he said he’s prepared to become an Independent if he can’t win the Republican nomination.  wow.  Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks


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