Squirrel Attacks Residents of Vermont Neighborhood

This sounds like one of those Chevy Chase movies where only the ludicrous can happen.  All of the neighbors on a block being attacked by a renegade gray squirrel?  Unbelievable right?  Well, it’s the truth Ruth!  Several people in one Vermont neighborhood can’t keep the savage beast off of them.

One man was out shoveling snow when the gray squirrel snuck up on him and jumped on his back.  He fought the thing off only to find out later that he wasn’t the first victim.  No one is sure where the squirrel came from or what he’s so mad about, but he’s on the loose and he’s in attack mode!

Read the rest of this surreal story here.  He better not bring any of that foolishness to the big city.  G-Squirrelly, we got tires for squirrels like you!

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