Muslim Woman Removed from Southwest Flight

Irum Abbasi, a San Jose University graduate student, was removed from Southwest airlines flight for fear she was a terrorist.

Southwest you got some ‘splainin’ to do!  What the fraggle nackle bull crackle is going on over at our favorite airline?  We can’t believe you with all your “no hassle” guarantees are picking on the Muslims.  We understand she had her head wrapped up and she was making a phone call on her cell phone and things may have seemed a little suspect.  But that’s still no reason to hustle her to the ground and kick her off the flight.

San Jose University graduate student, Irum Abbasi, was leaving San Diego yesterday morning when a flight attendant got antsy about a Muslim woman with a headscarf on hurriedly finished a cell phone call saying “It’s a go!”  At least that’s what she thought she heard, according to AOL Travel News.  Abbasi was really finishing up a call with Verizon customer service and was short with the customer service agent saying, “I have to go!”

Sounds like paranoia right?  It probably was.  She saw the headscarf and the flight attendant had a full James Bond moment play itself out in her head and Abbasi was removed from the flight by TSA agents.  Now Southwest is in full apology mode and showering Abassi with courtesy flights.  Read the full story here.  Southwest better send the flight attendant to sensitivity training or let her go.  They were on a roll with the two free bags and no change fees stuff.

5 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Removed from Southwest Flight”

  1. On Nov 11, 2011 within an hour 4 aircraft were hijacked by muslim terrorists which ended up with thousands of multi national people dying. Did someone ignore something that one of the hijackers said thinking it was nothing? I sure hope not because if someone did puhaps thay are living with that thought right now knowing they could have and should have done or said something. The security in the US Aiports is a joke at best compared to the majority of the rest of the world. Yes Ms Abassi was incovenienced but the airline did apologize and try to compensate her for the actions of an aircrew member that was trained to do what she did to begin with. Did the aircrew error? Perhaps and if they did it was on the side of safety. What they did was better then delaying or cancelling the whole flight, and more importantly another aircraft landed safely

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