$300 Million Lawsuit Levied Against Michael Jordan and LeBron James

A fool is born every minute, but obviously not in the case of Michael Jordan and LeBron James.  A new shoe company that was going to launch itself as LeBron Jordan Incorporated thought they would somehow slip under the radar of the famous basketball players whose names just happen to appear in their company name.  But, for some reason the owner isn’t seeing the conflict of interest.

Black Voices reports that the CEO of LJI, Aaron Fraser, has launched a $150 million lawsuit against both Michael Jordan and LeBron James equaling $300 million for halting the use of their names in a basketball shoe deal that may have netted Fraser $900 million.  The deal had already been set on the table and Fraser is lashing out because legal reps for Jordan and James clearly saw what Fraser refuses to see.

Fraser goes on to claim that Jordan and LeBron are merely extended family member names. There is no relation between the two.  Just because it’s a basketball shoe company doesn’t mean it has anything to do with them!  How dare Michael Jordan and LeBron James think that everything is about them. They’re so vain, right?

You know what we think about this right?  C’MON SON!!!  We will be shocked if this makes it into a courtroom.  Check out the report here.

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