Women All Over the World are Suffering From Preventable Condition

Tuesday was International Women’s Day and we need to take a moment to recognize an extremely humiliating sickness that is ruining the lives of women all over the world–if they survive it.  Some women are dying from it and others are living a horrifying existence.  The debilitating disorder also claims the lives of babies.

The condition called Obstetric Fistula occurs when a woman goes into labor and the baby’s head gets lodged in her pelvic region and compresses the pelvis.  Usually, she is alone and suffers this way for a couple days.  When this happens, a hole, called a fistula forms.  The hole is an internal tear  between her vagina and bladder or rectum — or both.  Incontinence that includes feces begins to pass through the vagina causing an unimaginable odor that the woman has no defense against. 

This condition could be prevented if proper healthcare was available for every woman, but it is not–especially in the impoverished areas the Congo and asia. This is why we need to bring more attention to this condition that affects 2 million women worldwide. The condition is also highly treatable with surgery.  The medical assistance teams that hvae come to lend their services to these women are Doctors Without Borders in collaboration with The Fistula Foundation. Check out the conditions of these women here.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. I thought this problem was particularly caused by the vile practice of female circumcision. If this is so, why was it not mentioned in the article?

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