L.A. Offers Only African American Fire Fighter Museum

Los Angeles is home to a special part of African American history.  It is one of the most colorful and engaging landmarks in the country.  Not only is it special because of its contents, but it’s the only one that exists.  It’s L.A.’s African American Fire Fighter museum.  The information inside dates back over 100 years. 

The museum is the only one of its kind. Ashley Michelle gives a firsthand account to the Huffington Post of how the museum looks and what’s inside.  The memorabilia is extensive and includes black women who were also a part of the firefighting legacy.  There is also a “memorial tribute” to all firefighters who died in 9/11.

 One of the most important components involved in making the museum special is its griot. A retired firefighter, Arnett Hartsfield, 92, knows and tells the stories of the struggle of African Americans involved in firefighting from his firsthand experience.  What he offers to the museum’s visitors is priceless. Hartsfield volunteers at the museum and was an integral part in integrating Los Angeles’ fire department.

Read more here about the museum.

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