City Opens Up Jobs for the Homeless in Tourism?

The most profound idea we’ve heard in a long time is incorporating what the homeless know about a  city and creating a job for their skill…in tourism.  Can you imagine getting a tour of a city from a homeless person?  Exactly!  They will show you everything and then some.  You could’ve lived in the city your whole life and never see the things a homeless person will show you.

In London, they are taking the job seriously.  A volunteer organization called The Sock Mob, distribute socks to the homeless and find out how they’re doing on the streets everyday.  Somehow, they came to an agreement and was able to form “Unseen Tours”.  A service provided through the organization and performed by homeless individuals that don’t mind showing you London in a way you have never known.

Could you imagine if something like Unseen Tours was incorporated in one of our nation’s cities?  First, we would have to be able to ensure the safety of all involved.  As crazy as it seems things have become on our side of the ocean, we’d have to also ensure the safety  of the homeless person doing the tour.  Believe it or not, we were poisoning the homeless back in the 80’s, and that’s why you can’t take the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner to the shelters anymore. 

Read more here on the deal and availability time they give for people visiting London.

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