Woman Charged for Slapping Child on School Bus (Video)


Unidentified woman slaps child on school bus and is caught on bus video.

It looks like Tyler Perry is going to have to calm his Madea character down.  It appears that a possible fan out there has lost her mind trying to emulate Madea.  Everyone knows that you can’t just discipline other people’s children like they used to back in the day.  You can’t walk up on the school bus and smack a child.  You couldn’t do that back in the day! Belt to the hind parts, maybe!  But smacking someone’s child in the face leaves the parent at high risk for an ass whoopin’–it always has.

According to the footage obtained by CBS, this 27-year old woman has two or four earrings in her mouth and she isn’t much bigger than the student she hit. Her only defense (which I would not have shared) was that the little boy hit her son.  WTH?

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