Man Knocks Woman Out over Parking Space

Oscar Fuller, 35, knocked out Lana Rosas, 25 over parking space in NYC.

This is a real-life story about how some woman got knocked the “f***” out!  The woman was holding a parking space for her boyfriend when another man shows up and is arguing with her over the space she was standing in for her boyfriend.  The whole altercation seems completely ridiculous now, but this could mean some serious jail time for the man who hit her…since he put her in a coma with one punch.

The featherweight bout between 4ft 11in, 100 pound Lana Rosas, 25, and 150-pound Oscar Fuller, 35, occurred February 25, and Rosas has been in a coma ever since.  The whole thing started because Fuller pulled up to get a parking space on 14th street in NYC’s East Village and Rosas was standing in the way for her boyfriend, reported the Daily Mail.  Fuller claims that he hit Rosas in self defense because she swung and hit him in the eye first and it was simply a reflex to knock her off her feet.  Right!  That’s not going to work Mr. Fuller.

He must’ve had some built up aggression from some other altercation earlier in the day because he lifted her up in the air and she came down and hit her head on concrete and hasn’t spoken a word since.  Fuller was released on $100,000 bond and he will be back in court April 7, on felony assault charges.  He is the father of two and he expressed his apologies to her family and said he’s “hoping for a speedy recovery.” 

We bet you are Mr. Fuller.  But in this case, whether she wakes up or not, that judge is going to throw the book….case at you!  Read more here and see the full disturbing photos of Rosas on the ground bleeding from her mouth.

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