Former Chicago Bear Admits Sex with Girlfriend’s Murderer (Video)

Former Chicago Bear, Shaun Gayle, testified to sleeping with his girlfriend's killer.

I’ve heard of people liking their sex kinda kinky or freaky or even some with a little torture involved, but sleeping with the person who murdered your girlfriend and your unborn child is taking things waaayyy too far.  But, I guess he didn’t know that she would murder his pregnant girlfriend the next day.  If his sex is to slay for, he should be considered a lethal weapon.  He should get a ticket or something for his involvement.

Fox news reported that  former Chicago Bear, Shaun Gayle, testified in court Tuesday that he did in fact have sex with Marni Yang, who is being charged with killing Gayle’s girlfriend Rhoni Reuter and their unborn baby in 2007.  Gayle had gotten himself mixed up with a fatal attraction.  He knew Yang for six years and supposedly it was a business relationship that, as of his testimony Tuesday, became a sexual relationship.  But, Gayle also admitted to being with 18 other women and said that him and Reuter were not exclusive.

I guess he didn’t want any parts of a possible O.J. Simpson situation, so he gave up the ghost immediately. His testimony gave a whole new meaning to sleeping with the enemy. Yang, on the other hand, will be in search of her Yin behind bars for a long time behind her crime.  And you know Black women everywhere have no sympathy for him having two white women fighting over him, plus one killing the other?  Check them out during the report.  They’re saying everything BUT! “Did you see those two white women!?”

-J.C. Brooks


3 thoughts on “Former Chicago Bear Admits Sex with Girlfriend’s Murderer (Video)”

  1. Thank you, LaTara! This article was probably written by a Black man who lives and breathes to create discension between women as if he’ll garner some windfall in the aftermath.

  2. i seriously doubt Black women care about two white women fighting over him. If anything, Black men should know that no Black women cares enough to be so stupid to kill another woman over him. Y’all are not ALL THAT. Please. If crazy white women want to kill each other over some jerk, so be it. Nothing to do with us.

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