Oprah’s Cousin Says ‘Jesus Talk’ Got Her Fired from Harpo

Oprah Winfrey has one of the most demanding lives of all time…next to Michael Jackson.  Folks are still trying to fleece him after death.  Being black, rich, and powerful in America must be one of the hardest lives to lead.  There’s always some friend, neighbor, or COUSIN that will try to use the relationship to get something out of you.  You know we’re known for the infamous “hook-up.”  And it appears that since Oprah didn’t give her cousin enough, she has tried to make her own inroads to a pay day using her personal testimony…which includes Oprah.

The cousin in question is Oprah’s first cousin, Jo Baldwin, who went to the well known gossip biographer, Kitty Kelly, with a story about being fired from Harpo.  Nearly one year ago, Kelly wrote, “Oprah: A Biography”, and Baldwin talks about Oprah alienating her family and being into cults and taking on celebs as her family and shutting her real family out.  She also told her that Oprah’s mother, Vernita Lee, doesn’t even have Oprah’s personal number.  If she wants something she has to call her staff.

And she doesn’t stop there.  In Kelly’s book she says, “Mainly, Oprah wanted to shame me for being a follower of Jesus as if to say, ‘What is He doing for you that’s so great?’ Oprah inflicts emotional wounds that could lead to physical illness, if they aren’t healed. My faith has kept me from getting sick [over her].”

Here…we…go!!  C’MON SON!! You got to be kidding me?  Who is checking for their cousin so deeply they have to turn to the Lord because of something their cousin said to them.  I bet even Oprah didn’t realize what type of problem she had in this cousin of hers or she would’ve fired her much sooner.  This cousin proves her case: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…and your family far away.  Read more from the biography here.

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