Former Texas State Student Starts Scholarship for ‘White Males’ Only

Colby Bohannan, president Former Majority Association for Equality, that created scholarships for white men only.

The country’s white men are realllly suffering.  There are little to no opportunities left for them as Hispanics and African Americans make their way to the majority in this country.  It seems that everyone is against them.  But, one student is trying to fix that from the educational level.  Everyone knows there are little to no resources for white men in education.  The white male professors are even becoming an endangered species.  That’s why a student from Texas State decided to stand up and do something about it with a scholarship just for white men.

Colby Bohannan said he didn’t have resources available to him when he started college and when he looked for scholarships they were plentiful for women and minorities, but none for white men. He felt excluded, so the Texas State University student and a few others created the Former Majority Association for Equality.  It is a non-profit that offers five $500 scholarships for white men.  Ironically, he doesn’t mind having a couple minorities on his staff; one Asian and one African American.

“Bohannan, the group’s president, said the name comes from the idea that “if you’re not a male, and if you’re not white, you’re called a minority.” However, he said, “I’m not sure white males are the majority anymore.”

Amazingly enough, Bohannan is correct for Texas because recent U.S. census data showed that Hispanics account for two-thirds of the population growth over the past decade and non-Hispanic whites now make up about 45 percent of Texas residents. Texas State’s vice president of Student Affairs, Joanne Smith said they cannot turn down the scholarship because they feel it’s no different than all the other scholarships offered by ethnicity.  Read more here on Bohannan’s crusade.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Former Texas State Student Starts Scholarship for ‘White Males’ Only”

  1. WellBoo dam Hoo — but it all fairness—To each his own! If this is how this man wants to help ‘his peeples’ then so be it; $500 won’t even pay for books tho ..but i guess it’s a start!
    Everyone still knows that a white man/woman can get a job quicker than a person of color (brown/black)–and will be hired over top of a qualified black or brown person —it always has been..and nothin’s really changed people…T’was Ever Thus! — But More Power to you Mr Bohanan… hey wasn’t that the name of a musician back in the 70s…lol

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