Foreclosures Cause ‘Black Flight’ from Detroit Suburbs

This is going to sound real bad, so let me pre-warn you.  Our people are having a disturbing problem in Detroit, but it is a problem throughout the country.  The problem is classicism.  Everyone has heard the phrase, “They think they better than us.”  Well, there are a few out there crusading against that phrase and simply want to be your next door neighbor.  Because of the foreclosures going on in Detroit, the so-called lower class blacks have found suburban homes more affordable and safe than living in the city. Now the upper class suburban blacks are having a problem with them moving in next door and are trying to move even further away. Sounds strange right?  Sounds just like “white flight” doesn’t it?  If you don’t know (brief history lesson here) that is when white folks would move the moment the neighborhood looked like it was getting too many blacks or minorities.

We all have, at one time or another, complained about a neighbor being too loud, too junky, too something!  But, the complaint in this case, according to the Associated Press, is the major social difference between the two classes.  The neighbors that have been living in the city of Southfield (a suburb right outside Detroit) for many years are watching an influx of inner city residents move into their old neighbors’ homes.  The home is a foreclosure and the new neighbor is a renter and they feel that they won’t or don’t respect the property or the rules of the neighborhood because they haven’t bought into the area.

Then there are those who are working class professionals that have bought into the neighborhood for more than a hundred thousand less and they aren’t considered the ideal neighbor either.  Lamar Grace is one of them.  “They don’t want to live next door to ghetto folks,” he says.

“There’s a way in which they look down on people moving in from Detroit into houses they bought for much lower prices,” says Grace, a 39-year-old telephone company analyst. “I understand you want to keep out the riffraff, but it’s not my fault you paid $250,000 and I paid a buck.”

All of the social graces that are used in the city are a no-go in the suburbs.  There have been complaints of people outdoors all times of the night disturbing those who are sleeping. John Clanton, a retired auto worker said increased trash and just a lot of busy behavior has moved in with them:

“During the summer months, I sat in the garage and at 3 o’clock in the morning you see them walking up and the down the streets on their cell phones talking,” Clanton says. “They pull up (in cars) in the middle of the street, and they’ll hold a conversation. You can’t get in your driveway. You blow the horn and they look back at you and keep on talking. That’s all Detroit.”

C’MON SON! You got to know that ain’t right!  Blocking someone’s driveway in the D?  No wonder you moved to Southfield with that. Read more here on this dilemma.

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