Farrakhan Saviours’ Day Speech Hits Rihanna, Bush, Jews

The Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day event was held Sunday and Farrakhan was in rare form…as usual.  He let the whole world know (or those within earshot) that he was back and he was going to tell the truth on Bush and the Jews.  During the speech, he left no stone unturned and is once again on top of the “Haters” list…as in hatemongers. 

Chicago’s Sun Times reported that an Anti-Defamation League spokesman said Farrakhan’s presentation was  “just the usual hate speech and propoganda.”  Farrakhan, 77, had tried to smooth things over with the Jewish community at one time, but as he gets older it seems that he’s forgotten that and has resorted back to the “what come up, comes out” method.  In other words, old folks can say whatever they want to say.  And this time he said, “During Black History Month, schools should teach from Nation of Islam books that say Jewish people took advantage of blacks.”

And as Bugs would say, “That Ain’t All Folks!”  To the 18,000 people who showed up to hear him speak in Rosemont, Il., at Allstate Arena, he added things like:  Gadhafi has always been a friend and if you want to prosecute him for war crimes against humanity, then Bush has to go down too for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; Those who enjoy Rihanna’s performances are pigs; He respects Scientology and the  founder L. Ron Hubbard for trying to civilize white people.  Should I go on?  I can now.  Remember the speech was four hours long.

Read here for more of Farrakhan’s antics.  He’s like that old crotchety grandpa at the family reunion hitting kids with his cane…gotta love ’em!

-J.C. Brooks

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